More than 60 years manufacturing hoses

More than 60 years manufacturing rubber hoses for industrial applications all over the world.

TUBITHOR SPA was founded in 1962 in Lesmo, near Milan, by Mr. Renato Ballerani, one of the most promising young Italian technicians of that time.

At that time the company focused on the production of hydraulic hoses and pipes with steel and textile braiding.


    Lesmo – Italy


    San Salvo – Italy

  • SIM SrL

    San Salvo – Italy


    Beja – Tunisia

Global presence


    Barcelona – Spain


    Manchester – United Kingdom



Renewal and evolution

The 1970s marked a major change in the needs of industry and brought about a profound transformation in the company’s capacity and orientation. It was then that TUBITHOR’s production capacity was expanded and focused on the manufacture of low-pressure industrial rubber tubes on rigid mandrels, continuous rubber tubes and extruded tubes.

With a commitment to continuous technological renovation and with the aim of achieving a greater presence in the international market, Tubithor decided to build a new factory incorporating a revolutionary and patented production process for mandrel hoses. Thus, in 1975, THORSUD SPA was born, for the production of mandrel hoses up to a maximum length of 61 metres.

The newborn THOR group is now a reality that can compete with the most important companies in the world in the sector.

A new way of making

The need to develop and use new, more technical and competitive polymers led to the creation in 1987 of SIM SPA for the production of rubber raw materials, polymers and semi-finished products, which will supply these materials to the group’s factories.

The 1990s were mainly focused on a phase of study of new applications and new products, which would serve as the basis for future developments, always attentive to the new needs of the markets.

At the beginning of the new century, the necessary modifications were introduced to obtain better flexibility in THOR tubes and hoses which, thanks to a new electronic system, achieve a more stable and constant quality control of the product.

International expansion and growth

The reality of the THOR world grew internationally in 2003 with the creation of the commercial subsidiary IBÉRICA DE MANGUERAS THOR SL in Barcelona (SPAIN) and with the majority acquisition in 2004 of the company DURA HOSE & FITTINGD LDS in Manchester (ENGLAND).

In order to achieve a stronger presence on the international market, in 2009 the production of mandrel hoses started in a new factory in Tunisia, THOR JMS SRAL.

The latest expansion of the THOR Group took place in 2018, with the creation of a sales subsidiary in Australia under the name of THOR HOSE AUSTRALIA, located in Melbourne.

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